Collina Istrian malvasia 2017

Collina Istrian malvasia 2017
Grape varietyMalvazija istarska
Vineyard age20 years
Vineyard orientationwest
Growing formone sided guyot
Soil composition4 terre
Vintage timeoctober
Vintageby hand
Vinificationfermentation in inox tank, 15 days cold maceration on 10 - 12 °C
Aging24 months in oak barrels of 25 HL
Alcohol by volume14,5
Total acidity5,5
Unfermented sugar2,5
Serving temperature   14-16 °C
Only the best grapes from black soil were selected for making this wine. It is vinified through a long maceration process and refined in large oak barrels. The wine is fermented with an autochthonous yeast and left sur lie for one year.
This is a wine of "golden antique" colors and intense flavor with a complex aroma, the primary notes being those of ripe fruits and aromatic herbs, as well as spicy notes of aging (vanilla, almond, hazelnut, flower honey).
Oxygenation is recommended in the decanter.
This wine pair well with traditional local fish-based dishes (lobster, shrimp, crab) and roasted meat (veal, quail, goose).