Istrian malvasia

Istrian malvasia
Grape variety Malvazija istarska
Vineyard Žmergo
Vineyard age 15 years
Vineyard orientation southwest
Growing form one sided guyot
Soil composition limestone, flysch, clay
Vintage time september
Vintage by hand
Yield 1,5-2 kg
Vinification manual grape selection, cold maceration, pressing, fermentation, sur lie, batonage
Aging inox tank
Alcohol by volume 13%
Total acidity 5,1
Unfermented sugar 1,9
Serving temperature 9-11 °C

Along with the edition of Four soils (Red, Black, White and Grey), Cattunar winery continues to produce and bottle classic Istrian Malvasia, which comes from all four territories together. It is our tipical wine, which defines our house style: elegancy, emphasize on terrior, freshness and recognizable variety traits. Pairing with food Cattunar classic Istrian Malvasia nicely goes with small blue and large white fish and as well as with chicken, turkey, white sauce pasta, scrambled eggs (frittata) and polenta dishes.