Malvasia 4 TERRE– white soil

Malvasia 4 TERRE– white soil
Grape variety Istrian malvasia
Vineyard Žmergo, Kaštanjari
Vineyard age 50 years
Vineyard orientation northwest
Growing form one sided guyot
Soil composition flysch, limestone, clay
Vintage time september
Vintage by hand
Yield 1,5-2 kg
Vinification manual grape selection, cold maceration, pressing, fermentation, sur lie, batonage
Aging inox tank
Alcohol by volume 12,5
Total acidity 5,4
Unfermented sugar 2
Serving temperature 10-12 °C

"Blanc" their white courageously offers (black) caviar, ricotta cheese with honey and almonds.

Golden with green hues, malvasia has clean and fresh aromas of elder and jasmine, with notes of citrus and exotic fruit.
The taste is fresh and soft, pleasantly dry.
This wine pairs well with fish and seafood, white meat and hot appetizers.