Malvasia 4 TERRE – Black soil 2021

Malvasia 4 TERRE – Black soil 2021
Grape varietyMalvazija istarska
Vineyard age15 years
Vineyard orientationwest
Growing formone sided guyot
Soil compositionbrown soil on marl
Vintage timeseptember
Vintageby hand
Yield1,5-2 kg
Vinificationsur lie, grape selection, cold maceration, batonage
Aginginox tank
Alcohol by volume14
Total acidity5,7
Unfermented sugar2,5
Serving temperature10-12 °C

This wine is characterized by a golden yellow, crystal, deep and warm color. Its intense aroma is characterized with notes of hay, honey, dried apples and dandelion.
It is fresh and soft, mineral and creamy, with a full body towards robust. The taste of wine is balanced and long-lasting, with a long expressive finish.
This wine is perfect with grilled fish dishes and barbecues, roasted crabs and game (rabbits, deer).