Rose Teran 2022

Rose Teran 2022
Grape varietyTeran
VineyardBrekija, Žmergo
Vineyard age30 years
Vineyard orientationsouthwest
Growing formone sided guyot
Soil compositionmarl, limestone, dolomite, clay, flysch
Vintage timeseptember
Vintageby hand
Yield1,5-2 kg
Vinificationmanual grape selection, krio maceration, fermentation
Aginginox tank
Alcohol by volume12,7
Total acidity6,8
Unfermented sugar<1
Serving temperature6-8 °C
Made from freshly macerated grapes, it is fermented at low temperatures to highlight the pulp of ripe fruit. It contains cherry flavors, raspberries, blackberry and citrus, and its taste is fresh, very soft and intriguing. It is served chilled, at a temperature between 6 and 8 ° C, as an aperitif or in combination with meat or fish. It pairs well with pizza and shellfish dishes.