Teran Barrique

Teran Barrique
Teran Barrique
Grape variety Teran
Vineyard Brekija, Žmergo
Vineyard age 30 years
Vineyard orientation southwest
Growing form one sided guyot
Soil composition marl, limestone, dolomite, clay, flysch
Vintage time september
Vintage by hand
Yield 1,5-2 kg
Vinification long maceration 90 - 120 days
Aging barrique, tono barrows
Alcohol by volume 13,2
Total acidity 5,4
Unfermented sugar 1,8
Serving temperature 16-18 °C
It is produced from completely riped grapes, fermented during long maceration and held in small oak barrels for three to four years. High concentration of tannin gives this wine longevity, while a delicious harmony plays an interesting game between the natural acids of Teran and the influence of small oak barrels.
Aromas of jams (forest fruits, raspberries) and spices are expressed (mint, sweet and vanilla).
It pairs perfectly with grilled dishes such as fillets, roast beef and cuts. An interesting combination is with tuna and salmon.