Villanova - Muškat rose of Poreč

Villanova - Muškat rose of Poreč
Grape variety Muscat rose of Poreč
Vineyard Brekija, Žmergo
Vineyard age 30 years
Vineyard orientation southwest,west
Growing form one sided guyot
Soil composition brown soil on marl, limestone, dolomite, clay
Vintage time september, october
Vintage by hand
Yield 1,5-2kg
Vinification manual grape selection, maceration, pressing, fermentation, sur lie, batonage
Aging inox tank
Alcohol by volume 14,9
Total acidity 4,8
Unfermented sugar 48
Serving temperature 10-12 °C
Muscat Rouge is autochthonous istrian vine variety with low yield because its has only female functional flowerswith difference to most of other vines which have androgynous flower. Wine is made by long maceration typical for red wines, of ruby red color with nuances of purple. It has an intense smell that of mostly fruity chatacter with strong flower aromas and friuty additions with note of spices which givs complexity to it. In flower aromas one can sense smell of roses and in fruit atomas one can find dried cranberries, wild strawberries and cherries. Smell is very rich, complex and elegant.
Villanova vintage 2012., is of very complex taste because of its particular way of vinification, grapes are first dried in wooden boxes and then berries are macerated in tono or barrique barrels for about 120 days. Tannins and acid preserved freshness so the wine is suprisingly fresh and pleasant. It tastes moderately sweet with high sugat content (44,0 g/l) on the border of semi-sweet and sweet wine, but at thesame time very balanced with tanin and fruit freshness and with moderate acids .